August Moon Drive-In coming to Pigeon Forge

It is now official – Pigeon Forge is going to be home to the first August Moon Drive-In Theater! In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about Pigeon Forge getting its own drive-in theater and people were very excited at the news. This will be an attractions not only for the many vacationers that come to this area yearly, but also the locals that call this place home. Continue reading to learn more about the all new August Moon Drive-In Theater, opening soon in Pigeon Forge.

Announcement that made August Moon Drive-In Official in Pigeon Forge

Michael Counts, the founder of August Moon Drive-In announced on October 16th that they are officially bringing the drive-in theater to Pigeon Forge. In the video, he speaks of his excitement for the project and how the location is going to be perfect for travelers and for locals. He also released the rendering of the attraction. They want the exterior to be unique and reflect the fun spirit they hope to bring to the area. Watch his announcement below!

What you can Expect to Experience at August Moon Drive-In

Michael Counts recently told the local news station WBIR a bit about his project: “Imagine a perfect summer night at a classic American drive-in movie theater in 1965 – the beautiful sunset, a low full moon over the treeline in a country field, fireflies, a summer breeze, the smell of fresh cut grass, stars overhead, sitting in a convertible surrounded by some of the best examples of the golden era of American auto manufacturing, and, of course, dinner and a movie. That bygone reality is the August Moon Drive-In.”

For this project, they plan to use state of the art technology to bring the whole experience to life. The exterior is going to be a large, domed building so this is a rain or shine attraction. With the latest technology, they will project sunsets, a starry sky and a moon to give everyone the illusion of being outside on a summer night. Sound enhancements of chirping crickets and summer breezes will have everyone truly feeling like they are sitting outside. Plans also involve 50 full-size trees, a half-acre of grass, and gravel paths. You can also expect to see newly released movies and movies from the past – the best of both worlds!

When you think of a drive-in movie experience, you think of sitting in your very own vehicle. That is not how the August Moon Drive-In is going to work. You will instead be relaxing in one of the 40 classic vehicles that will be parked in front of the massive screen. Not only will they offer vintage vehicles, but they will also have luxury seating options like private booths, tree swings and stadium seats. Like any movie experience, comfort food will be available with their restaurants and a full bar.

Location for New August Moon Drive-In

The location of the August Moon Drive-In will be near the corner of Teaster Lane and Wears Valley Road, where the Mountain Mile is being built currently. They hope to have this new Pigeon Forge attraction open in late 2019 or early 2020. Be sure to follow them on facebook and stay tuned for new information when it is released! We cannot wait to see you all at the drive-in!

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