Kid Friendly Hikes in the Smokies

Summer is vastly approaching and that means it’s time to start making our exciting plans to celebrate this amazing season. It’s the time of year when we finally get to spend most of our time outdoors so we can enjoy the beautiful sunshine again! Summer is usually when most of us are able to take our annual vacation and so extra time and thought go into planning this particular trip. We all look for different things when it comes to vacation planning. If you’re bringing the whole family, you want somewhere that’ll have something to do for everyone in your party. If you’re looking to get away by yourself to get some rest and relaxation, you want somewhere peaceful to go. No matter what you may be looking for, the beautiful Smoky Mountains will take care of you. We welcome millions of visitors here from all over the world each year because there are so many different things to do. We know that one of the other important parts of planning the ideal vacation is finding an affordable, clean, and comfortable place to stay. When you Vacation Better with us at Big Bear Resort, we check off all three of those things and then some! We offer two-bedroom luxury condos that come complete with a private balcony overlooking the beautiful mountains in Wears Valley. As a thank you for staying with us, you also receive FREE TICKETS to numerous shows and attractions in the area, saving you $275 a day. We know that one of the best ways to enjoy the sunshine this time of year is doing a little hiking. We know a lot of families with younger children visit us, so we decided to dedicate this blog to some of our favorite Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Smokies! Let’s check them out.

We hope you enjoyed this insider’s look at some of our favorite Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Smokies! We know that once summer comes, all everyone is going to want to do is spend some time in that beautiful sunshine that we’ve been waiting for. Hiking provides a fun adventure that will end with amazing scenery and views that all make for an exciting day out together. It’ll be so wonderful to watch as your kids grow older and get to conquer more and more of the trails in our Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Being able to create memories that will last a lifetime is what vacationing is all about. So what are you waiting for? Book Your Summer Getaway now or give us a call at 1.865.325.2382 and we would be happy to assist you with finding the perfect condo for your stay. Come and join our family here at Big Bear Resort, we would love to have you! Don’t forget to let us know what you think about our Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Smokies. If you’re looking for some other things to do, then also check out our list of some of our favorite Kid Friendly Things to do in Pigeon Forge!

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