Pigeon Forge Indoor Attractions

Spring is in town and with it comes the beautiful warm weather, wildflowers, and a brand new reason to take a quick getaway to Pigeon Forge! We have all been waiting so patiently for this season to come back to town and now it’s time to celebrate it. If you’re looking for somewhere to visit that will have fun and entertainment no matter where you go then look no further! Pigeon Forge and the surrounding areas have something for everyone to do. Whether you’re looking for shopping, hiking, dining, or attractions, you can find them all in one place when you vacation here. All that’s missing on your list is lodging accommodations. We know there are plenty of places to choose from, but have you ever given condos a chance? We definitely think you should if you haven’t already! When you stay with us at Big Bear Resort, we offer beautiful and affordable two bedroom luxury condos that have a private balcony overlooking the mountains. There are also plenty of on-site amenities and the views just can’t be beat. If you’re looking for a clean and comfortable spot, we have got you covered, and we’re sure that we’ll become your new home away from home! As a thank you for booking with us, you also receive FREE TICKETS to numerous shows and attractions in the area, saving you $275 a day. While hiking and other outdoor adventures are always fun, sometimes we need a way to beat the heat and escape the sunshine for a while. Lucky for us, there are plenty of things to do here to cool off a bit. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Pigeon Forge Indoor Attractions!

  • Hollywood Wax Museum – Ready to see all the stars up close and personal? This amazing museum offers one incredible and unique experience. Come and see all of your favorite celebrities in wax form, they look so real that it’s almost scary. Take a few pictures and play a prank on your friends and family back home by telling them that you ran into Ryan Gosling on your trip! We are sure that this will be an entertaining attraction for everyone in your party from beginning to end, so make sure to add it to your must-do list. Get those camera phones ready!
  • Titanic Museum – If you’re looking for an attraction that focuses heavily on history, but is still full of fun and entertainment, then look no further. This museum has exact replicas of the ship (like the grand staircase and parlors), artifacts, and displays. You will truly get to experience what it was like to be on that special ship on that fateful night. Touch an iceberg, try to stand on the sloping decks, and find out about your fate at the very end of the tour. Did you survive or perish? Only the Memorial Room will tell you. All this and more at this amazing attraction! Don’t forget to pick up your tickets at the front office, we’ll save you a line and a few dollars.
  • Alcatraz East Crime Museum – This is another fantastic museum that you will definitely want to check out, especially if you’re a fan of learning about the history of crime. They focus on even more than just Alcatraz, we promise! Get ready to learn all about American Crime as you visit their five exhibits, plus other temporary galleries. You will get to explore the history of american crime, the consequence of crime, crime scene investigation, crime fighting, counterfeit crimes, and much more! There are even artifacts and replicas like the White Ford Bronco that you may remember from the OJ Simpson car chase. You will want to keep visiting this attraction whenever you come to town.
  • Magiquest – Are you looking for a place that has more than one attraction all in one place? This is just the spot for you then! Want to feel like you’re a wizard? Magiquest is a live action game where you embark on magical quests in an enchanted land. Best part of all? You use real magic wands to solve the mysteries! They also have pirate mini golf, a laser challenge, and a mirror maze. This might just become a new family favorite adventure.
  • TopJump Trampoline Park & Extreme Arena – There is so much to do here that it will be tough to decide on where to start. You will find a ninja course, open jump, air bag, dodgeball, basketball, battle beam, kid zone, arcade, candy store, and according to their website – the nation’s first ever sky-high climbing adventure! I don’t know if you could ask for anything more. We are sure that the entire family will love jumping around and having an amazing time together when visiting this destination.
  • Wonderworks – I’m sure you all saw this next attraction the second you got into town, it’s infamously known as the upside down house! This indoor amusement park has fun written all over it, and it’s for good reason. There are over 100 hands on exhibits and six different wonder zones for you all to explore through. There’s also an indoor ropes course and laser tag! There is truly something for every member of the family to do here. My favorites are all the virtual reality exhibits where you can feel like you’re a major league pitcher. Don’t forget to pick up your discounted tickets from our front desk!
  • Pigeon Forge Snow – If you’re really looking to cool off this summer, this is where you’ll want to be, trust us. This new attraction is already beginning to become a staple for our visitors. You get to enjoy indoor snow-tubing all year round! Best part of all, you don’t have to dress like it’s winter. It is kept at a comfortable temperature of between 60-70 degrees and the snow is 100% real. There is also a SnowPlay area so get ready to have a family friendly snowball fight! We’re so excited about this new attraction and we hope you are too.

We hope you enjoyed this insider’s look at some of our favorite Pigeon Forge Indoor Attractions! While there are still a few others that are worth mentioning like the Flyaway Indoor Skydiving, we just tried to narrow it down to some must-sees when you come to town that we know you all will enjoy. Beat the heat this summer with these special attractions. Best of all, they are extremely family friendly, and that’s one of the best parts about visiting Pigeon Forge. So what are you waiting for? Book Your Family Vacation now or give us a call at 1.865.325.2382 and one of our friendly reservationists would love to assist you with finding the perfect condo for your stay. Come and join our family here at Big Bear Resort, we would love to have you! Don’t forget to also let us know what you think about these Pigeon Forge Indoor Attractions! Make sure to also take a peek at some of our Unique Things to do in Pigeon Forge that we wrote about a little while ago. You just can’t ever run out of things to do here in our amazing town!

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