5 Reasons to Vacation in Pigeon Forge

Another beautiful season is right around the corner and it’s one that I’ve been waiting for all year! Are you as excited for Spring to come into town as I am?! I love the weather, scenery, and so many more things about this wonderful season. It’s also one of the most popular times to come and vacation here in Pigeon Forge. We welcome millions of visitors each year and 2017 was actually another record-breaking year for us. We’re constantly changing and growing and that’s what keeps families coming back for more. No vacation is ever the same as another and with each month comes new and exciting events to check out. When you stay with us at Big Bear Resort, we offer two-bedroom affordable luxury condos for the entire family to enjoy! Everyone can have their own space and you all will absolutely love the views of Bluff Mountain from your private balcony (especially during the Spring when all the green is starting to come back on the trees.) Another perk of staying with us is that we offer FREE TICKETS to numerous shows and attractions in the area for you all to enjoy, saving you $275 a day! Is this your first time thinking about coming to visit us during this special season? Let’s look at the Top 5 Reasons to Vacation in Pigeon Forge this Spring!

#1 – Hiking to see our Wildflowers

Hiking is one of the most popular activities to do here in the Smokies and the Spring is my absolute favorite time to visit the trails. If you truly want to see some beautiful scenery, this is the time of year to do so. Get ready to see everything from Canadian violets to flame azalea and everything else you could imagine beginning to bloom right before our eyes. Yellow trilliums and Spring Beauties will take over your view and you’re sure to want to have your camera ready to snap some photos to take home with you. Some of my favorite trails are Porters Creek, Little River Trail, and Rich Mountain Loop. There are also plenty of family-friendly hiking trails like Andrews Bald that will feature purple-fringed orchids. You can’t beat hiking during this amazing season.

#2 – Great Weather

The weather this time of year just cannot get any better. While it is warm out, there is still a chance for a bit of coolness since winter hasn’t completely come to an end. It’s the best of both worlds, so to speak, and it’s what I’m looking forward to the most. No matter what you’re planning on doing when you’re here, the weather will more than likely be your best friend. It’s finally bathing suit time again which means fun in the sun! If you’re looking to spend a day on the property, you’ll finally get to enjoy our outdoor pool again! Soak up some sunshine and have fun splashing around with your loved ones without even having to pack up the car to go anywhere. Are you looking to spend a day in Dollywood? This will become your new Spring tradition thanks to mother nature. Don’t forget that if you go in after three, you get in free the next day! It’s going to be the “Season of Showstoppers” so you won’t want to miss this incredible park this year, especially when it’s beautiful weather outside. Pick up your discounted tickets at the front desk, we’ll print them out and save you a line and a few dollars! Remember those hikes we were talking about? Now is the time to hit the trails and enjoy the scenery!

#3 – Less Crowded

This is the time of year to come and visit if you want to beat the crowds, but still, have all the exciting shows and attractions that you love being open again to the public. You can beat a lot of lines at our best attractions and even save some money while doing so since there’s still a lot of specials going on. Most importantly, you can make it from place to place without having to hit standstill traffic! You’ll be able to fit in more during your Spring trip than you could ever imagine if you’ve only ever visited us during the summer. Want to go to Gatlinburg? No problem, and it won’t take you an hour to get there! Best of all, you’ll be able to find parking and that’s really all we could ever ask for, am I right?! Don’t forget you can visit Wonderworks, Alcatraz East, Titanic Museum, and the Ripley’s Aquarium (maybe even all in one day thanks to less crowds) with discounted tickets available at the front desk.

#4 – Popular Shows and Attractions Reopen

During our slower months, a lot of places decide to close down to start getting ready for the upcoming season. Spring is usually when everything starts to reopen for our busiest and best time of the year! As part of the free tickets program we mentioned above, a lot of the shows will be reopening like Amazing Animals, Smoky Mountain Opry, Magic Beyond Belief with Darren Romeo, and the Smith Family Morning Show as well as other fun things in the area. If these are some of the shows you’ve been waiting for, you’ll definitely want to come and see us this Spring! Dollywood also reopens its doors to us and we couldn’t be more excited about that. I’m especially looking forward to the Barbeque & Bluegrass Festival that they’ll be having here. Splash Country will be opening up on May 19th and I am so unbelievably ready for a day at my favorite water park. I can’t wait for this new season!

#5 – Spring Rod Run

And finally, one of the most popular events in Pigeon Forge will be coming back for another exciting year! The Spring Rod Run (the largest automotive event) is coming to see us in a couple of months and they will be lining up an assortment of beautiful cars for us all to drive by and peek at. This three-day event is one of the biggest things we have going on during this time of year and we welcome millions of visitors here for this entertaining weekend. If you’re a fan of classic and even new cars, this is exactly where you will want to be this Spring!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the top 5 Reasons to Vacation in Pigeon Forge this Spring! While there are plenty of other exciting things going on during this special time of year, we feel these five really summed up how wonderful your vacation will be. If you love this season as much as I do then there’s no place else you’d rather, trust me. Just looking out from your balcony and seeing the scenery is sure to bring a smile to your face. So what are you waiting for? Book Your Spring Vacation now or give us a call at 1.800.429.4361 and we’ll help you find the perfect condo for your stay! Don’t forget to also check out our Lodging Specials and see if we can help you save a few more dollars during your stay. Come and join our family here at Big Bear Resort, we would love to have you! Don’t forget to tell your friends about our 5 Reasons to Vacation in Pigeon Forge this Spring. Make sure you also check out Why You Should Vacation in the Smokies since summer is coming soon as well!

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