Pigeon Forge Indoor Winter Activities

Winter is still in full effect here in the Smokies and we’ve definitely been feeling some cold days this season. We all know that the first thing we look at just before it’s time to leave for vacation is what the weather is going to look like. Was it calling for sun all week and now at the last moment, a winter cold front is in the forecast? We know it’s happened to us a hundred times, but luckily for us, you’re coming to one of the best places that have a backup plan for your backup plan! With plenty of indoor activities at every corner that you can take advantage of, you never have to worry if mother nature tries to throw a wrench in your plans, you’ll always be able to find something to do. When you stay with us at Big Bear Resort, we offer beautiful two-bedroom condos that everyone in your party is sure to fall in love with, especially after you see the views of Bluff Mountain from your private balcony! We’re located right in the middle of town (on Wears Valley Road, across from Kroger), so you have easy access to anywhere that you may be planning on going to whether it’s in Pigeon Forge or even Sevierville. Another big perk of staying with us is that you get FREE TICKETS to numerous shows and attractions in the area, with almost all of them being indoors! With over $275 in savings a day, this will easily become your favorite thing about vacationing better with us. So where can we go if we want to stay warm, but still have a lot of fun? Let’s take a look at some amazing Pigeon Forge Indoor Winter Activities!

Indoor Amenities

What’s one of your favorite parts about going on vacation? Just getting away I’m sure is probably high up there. How about actually staying in for a bit and not having to drive anywhere? Sounds like a good plan to me! Luckily for us, Big Bear has plenty of incredible indoor amenities for us all to love and enjoy. Feel like doing a little bit of swimming? Make sure you visit our Indoor Pool and Hot Tub with plenty of space for the whole family to start an exciting game of Marco Polo! I think we can all agree that nothing beats getting into a warm hot tub when it’s snowing outside, I’m sure it’s probably already calling your name. The best part about this property is that you can actually access the indoor pool without having to go outside at all, so you can stay warm even after having a fun time at the pool area! Are you ready for a rematch after your Marco Polo game? I suggest visiting the Game Room where you’ll find an air hockey and foosball table, so let the games and friendly family rivalry begin (again!) Don’t forget that we also have a fantastic Fitness Center, so you can get a workout on at your own pace while you’re here. Sometimes that can actually be the best way to relax and you don’t have to feel like you’re in a rush. We hope you love our indoor amenities here as much as we do!


Are you ready to get out and about now? There are plenty of fun places to visit that will keep you nice and toasty during these cold days. My first recommendation is visiting Wonderworks, you know, that upside-down house that you drive by and always want to visit! Make sure you stop by the front desk at our sister property – Whispering Pines – to pick up your discounted tickets for it, we’ll save you a line and a few dollars. This is one of the most entertaining attractions in the area, we promise. With over 100 different wonderzones that are hands-on and fun for all ages, you all are sure to love it here. They have a bed of nails, Xtreme 360 bikes, and even a virtual pitching station. There is fun at every corner here and we can guarantee you’ll want to come back every time you’re in town! Next up is one of my all-time favorite museums here – Titanic! Get ready for your very own voyage after you pick up your boarding pass at a reduced price from our front desk. You will be able to see what it looked like and felt like to be on this incredible ship so many years ago. With exact replicas of the hallways, parlors, and even the Grand Staircase, it’s our best way to pay homage to all the passengers and crews that were aboard the ship on that fateful night. Touch an iceberg and see how cold the water truly was that night, and find out if you lived or perished at the end. We promise that this will become one of your favorite attractions here. The last place I’ll mention is the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, or as I like to call it, my happy place! Don’t forget that you get a free ticket here and you can also pick up additional discounted tickets at the front desk. I could honestly spend all day here, they have so many different species of fish and sea life that you’ll want to read every detail about. There’s also amazing hands-on exhibits like the jellyfish and stingray petting corners. There’s also Shark Lagoon where you can get up close and personal with our favorite creatures of the ocean. Ready for the best part of it all? You are sure to fall in love with the Penguin Playhouse where you can see them in their own habitat and even climb through tunnels to experience it yourselves. This is one of the nicest aquariums and we’re sure that this will instantly become a family must-do.


Last on the agenda is visiting some of our incredible shows in the area with a free ticket, of course! The Comedy Barn is a must-see clean comedy show that will have everyone in your party crying from laughing so hard. From magicians to comedians and everything in between, each skit is sure to make you giggle. The best part about this show is that it relies heavily on audience interaction, so no one show is ever the same! You guys and your reactions are what truly make this show so unbelievably funny. You won’t want to miss out on this award-winning family comedy variety show! The Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show is another amusing show that you are sure to love. Are you ready to see if these two crazy families can settle their differences all while making us laugh until we cry? From singing and dancing to jaw-dropping stunts, you are sure to want to become a member of either one of these families once it’s over. The best part about this particular show is that you get a feast! That’s right, make sure you come hungry so you can enjoy some fried chicken, mashed taters, corn on the cob, and even Granny’s famous dessert. You are sure to leave full and satisfied when this one is done!

We hope you enjoyed this look at some entertaining Pigeon Forge Indoor Winter Activities! Don’t ever let the weather get you down here, there is always something fun to do at every corner no matter what kind of mood mother nature is in. Winter is truly one of the best times of year to visit us in the Smokies, there’s less traffic and it’s absolutely beautiful here with all the twinkling Christmas lights decorating our town. So what are you waiting for? Book Your Winter Vacation now and get ready to fall in love with our very own Winter Wonderland. Don’t forget to check out our Money Saving Specials for the season. Come and join our family here at Big Bear Resort, we would love to have you! We hope you enjoy all of our fun Pigeon Forge Indoor Winter Activities in the area!

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